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Social Media Marketing

Build your brand awareness with Social Media Marketing


If you are interested in using social media marketing to capture and grow your target audience, then RelatesMedia is here to help you.

RelatesMedia is your No. 1 Social Media Marketing Agency in Lagos, Nigeria that can help you achieve this task. We assist businesses who are having a hard time trying to use social media platforms to connect with their audience in order to build their brand, increase sales and drive website traffic.

The value of social media marketing to your business cannot be undermined, as it has been proven to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach and engage with your customers.

As a business or brand, it is not enough to just be on social media, you will need to be actively engaging with your audience. Either by sharing valuable content that addresses your target audience needs, or participating in conversations, or building your network, asking your audience to share and responding to their comments.

At RelatesMedia, we recognise that social media marketing plays a critical role to the success of any business. In order to stay relevant and competitive to your target audience, we can help you leverage on social media marketing to grow your brand, drive sales and engage your audience across their entire customer life cycle.

We make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest to engage your services or product with your audience. We also help you with gaining a strong social media presence with our social media marketing services that can help create a direct impact across other marketing channels like Pay per click (PPC), email marketing, SEO campaigns.


Our Social Media Marketing Services

RelatesMedia can help your business leverage on its existing networks to reach new targets, we can help you achieve this by promoting engaging social media marketing content to channel the right users to your site. Our Social Media Marketing services include:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

We formulate social media marketing strategy that will be used in achieving your business goals such as brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads or sales on the required social media platform(s). We will also ensure to identify the best type of content that will attract your target audience.

Social Media Editorial Calendars

We help you organise your content in an editorial calendar that will help in prioritizing what content to post on your social media pages. Instead of creating and publishing content on the spot, we ensure that your reach on social media is maximized with great content that is timely and relevant to your audience.

Social Media Marketing Analytics & Reporting

We assist you in keeping track of your social media marketing campaigns and their performance. By providing you with analytical reporting as to how the campaign fared and if it’s performing as intended. We provide performance insights report and recommendations on a monthly basis.

Social Media Advertising

We provide social media advertising like facebook advertising, twitter advertising, linkedIn advertising, instagram advertising to allow your business or brand reach a wider audience. We help businesses target their audiences based on their demographics, interests, behaviours and more. RelatesMedia aims to automate and optimize your social media advertising to yield the best results.

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Our Approach

At RelatesMedia, we make use of strategic approaches in choosing the best social media platforms that work best for your brand/business. We ensure that measurable content that are peculiar to your target audience are effectively distributed across social media channels.
If you are concerned about what people think about your brand, OR you want to understand how your business is performing on social media and would like to analyze your reach, sales or engagement on social media with analytical tools OR you just want to reach a specific set of audience at scale with social media ads.
With our strategic social media marketing, we will help you in

  • Defining your social media marketing goals
  • Identifying the right social media platforms to market your content.
  • Understanding your target audience on social media
  • Increased community engagement with your target audience.
  • Testing and optimize the content of your marketing ads on each platform.

Your business stands to benefit a lot, if you engage with our social media marketing services at RelatesMedia. We are at your service to provide you solutions to your social media marketing needs.

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