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Welcome to RelatesMedia! Your one -stop Music Promotion company in Lagos, Nigeria. We help independent artiste and Record Labels to promote their Single, EP or Album locally and internationally.

We understand the challenge of getting the right audience for your music as an artiste can be quite overwhelming. We recognise these problems at RelatesMedia, that is why, we are vested in promoting your music to reach your audience who are deserving of your music.

We are familiar with the strain and stress independent artist and Record Labels go through, in finding the right strategy in promoting their music. But not to worry, at RelatesMedia, we have devised various plans that will effectively help in promoting your music.

What You stand to gain with our Music Promotion

With our Music Promotion, you stand to benefit from

  • Building your brand on Social Media
  • Attracting potential fans on Streaming platforms and Social Media
  • Getting Discovered through Official Playlisting
  • Fan Activation
  • Gaining Traction from our Music Marketing

What We Do

  • We promote your Music to reach a wider audience and in turn build your Music brand to register on the minds of your listeners.
  • We do this by creating a Strategic Promotion Plan which is fitted to each individual artiste in their various music journeys.
  • We also make sure that your music is available Locally and Internationally for Music lovers round the world.
  • We ensure that your music gains awareness to a large number of audience and your brand as an artiste grows.

Our Services

RelatesMedia provides Content marketing that can take on various forms, depending on the type of content your potential fans prefer to consume, which can take the form of :

International Music Distribution

Get your music played on Top International Streaming Platforms and start making money for your music. We will help place your songs on over 50+ music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Boomplay, Amazon Music and lots more.
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Local Music Distribution

Distribute your music locally across Nigeria on Top Blogs and websites. We can help you place your songs on local blogs and websites in Nigeria, which includes but are not limited to; Naijaloaded, NotjustOk, tooXclusive and others.

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Social Media Promotion

Promote your music today on Social Media to create awareness for your music. Our social Media Promotion helps to create awareness and connect you with your target audience while unlocking new fans.

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Streaming Platform Playlisting

Get your songs on the Official Playlist of any of the streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube Music.
Our Editorial Playlisting (Official Playlist) allows for your music to be placed on Top Playlists by the Streaming Platform which helps to create awareness and unlock new fan base.

You also get to earn royalties from our Streaming Platform (Editorial Playlisting). We also offer Independent Playlisting on Apple Music.

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Streaming Platform Promotion

Let us help you promote your song(s) on Top Streaming Platforms to drive listeners to your music, which would in turn generate high quality streams to your songs.
Our streaming platform promotions includes; Audiomack Promotion, Spotify Promotion, Apple Music Promotion and Soundcloud Promotion.
Get Listeners for your song and earn from it.

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Spotify Promotion

With our Spotify Promotion, your song is promoted across Spotify and other platforms. Our Spotify Promotion helps you to drive streams(listeners), followers and awareness for your brand in general.

Get Monetizable streams with our Spotify Promotions.

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Radio Promotion

Let’s get your music played across Top Music Radio Stations in Nigeria, generating enough airplays for your music across Nigeria.
Our Radio Promotions will help your songs generate enough airplays on Top Music Radio Stations like Wazobia FM, SoundCity, Urban FM, Jordan FM, and lots more.

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TV Promotion

Promote your songs on Music TV Channels to get your songs to a wide range of audience. With our TV Promotions, you get to feature your music on Top Music TV Stations like MTV Base, SoundCity TV, Hip TV, Trace TV, Urban TV and lots more.
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Twitter Trend

Get your songs to trend on Top 10 Twitter Trend chats, by getting people to talk about your music. Our Twitter Trend helps to create massive awareness and drive users to take action.

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Why Choose Us?

With RelatesMedia, you get to promote your music to a large range of audience and get to earn income while doing so. Music Promotion is vital to your brand and music as it helps you reach your fans across various medium. As a music promotion company in Lagos, our job is to help you get your music across to a wide number of listeners who then becomes potentials fans.

At RelatesMedia we are affiliated with several music outlets such as streaming platforms, radio stations, TV stations and lots more, so you are sure your music is able to reach your targeted fans across this platform and becoming the next A list artist in Nigeria.

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