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Content Marketing

Create Content that drive Leads for your Business.


How else can you attract, acquire, and engage your audience, if not through content?

If you have never considered the effect of having timely, relevant content for your business, you need to reconsider. There are a myriad of information out there that captures the attention of your buyers and prospects, the only way to get their attention is to create a well-crafted, helpful and engaging content that will resonate with them using the right marketing channels.

That is why, as a business/brand, you need content marketing to meet every stage of your customer cycle.

Content marketing has gone beyond just writing words but involves creating, publishing and distributing content optimized solely for your target audiences.

It’s no wonder, relatesMedia recognizes the importance of using content marketing in helping their clients in achieving their business goals.

Here’s what you stand to benefit from Content Marketing

  • You attract new customers when you create and share free valuable content.
  • You can use content marketing to generate leads that can bring sales for your brand.
  • Your brand awareness increases amongst your target audience.
  • Your customer base expands because your content is relevant to the needs of your audience.
  • Most importantly, you build a community of users who engage with your content and become advocates of your business brand.

Our Content Marketing Services

relatesMedia provides Content marketing that can take on various forms, depending on the type of content your potential buyers prefer to consume which can take the form of :

Blog posts


E Books

Social Campaigns

Website Content

Press Releases


Email Marketing


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Our Content Marketing Process

We aim to build strong customer relationships with the content we create for our clients. We achieve this through

Our strategy mainly involves

  • Creating Key Persona Profiles that reveal a detailed description of your ideal customers.
  • Defining your audience with regards to their challenges, questions, needs, and the kind of content they like to consume.
  • Mapping out your customer’s buying journey.
  • Brainstorming and creating a Content marketing plan.
  • Producing and optimizing your content by reorganizing, rewriting or removing obsolete content.
  • Launch and optimize your content at every stage of your customer’s journey and the different goals attached to each stage.

What We Do

Relates Media uses Content marketing to solve the following problems for your business:

  • The problem of building awareness from organic search: Content marketing is a great source of organically generating awareness for your brand. relatesMedia can help create valuable content, that you can get to build brand awareness at no cost across search engines and it gets widely shared on social media.
  • The problem of engaging with your customers: We develop content marketing with the aim of helping your customers with valuable content in order to gain their trust with your brand.
  • The problem of generating ROI from content marketing: With content marketing, your ROI can be measured in terms of increase to your web traffic, your qualified leads and ultimately the number of lead conversions into sales and social media engagements. You never lose with content marketing in the long run.

To develop valuable and converting content.