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Pay per Click

Market your Business using Paid Ads


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an online advertising model that serves as an effective digital advertising channel that can help generate leads or drive traffic for your business.

It helps to drive traffic to your website on Top search engine result page, (like Google), and websites/blogs where your target audience spend their time on.

When specific keywords or phrases are typed on the search engines, PPC Ads are displayed to get people to click on your ads and you get to pay a fee to the search engine platforms for any click, this also applies to Display Ads where your ads shows across websites, blogs and Apps.


Why you need PPC Advertising for your business?

  • Allows you target your ideal customers.
  • Helps your website rank on search engines
  • Creates awareness for your brand.
  • Helpful in generating leads and sales.
  • Data from PPC Ads can improve your SEO strategy.
  • Can test PPC Ads to suit your marketing goals.
  • It is cost effective
  • It produces fast results.

At RelatesMedia, we specialize in providing pay-per-click advertising services, because we understand its vital role in creating brand awareness and sales growth for brands.

We make use of paid search campaigns like Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Social Media Ads, Retargeting Ads, Google shopping Ads to drive sales for our clients.

Our Pay per Click Services

Our Pay-per-click Advertising Services include:

Paid search Ad Campaigns

We help you create online advertisements in search engine results, so that your target audience who are intently looking for your products or services related to your content can get to see your ads, which will greatly improve your conversion rates.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

We make use of advertising tools on social media platforms to promote content to your users and leverage on the organic followings that are on your social media pages.

Google Adwords Management

We would run marketing campaigns through Google Ads ranging from Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Shopping, Google Map Ads and Gmail Ads by targeting users based on interest and search intent. We take full control by managing your ongoing Google Ads Campaign so as to effectively optimize them for much better result.

Google Local Services Ads Management

We run Google Local Service Ads, that showcase your ad content to online users within a targeted locality. With Google Local Services, your ads will be displayed to your target audience within a specified location, which will help narrow down your target audience based on where your service/products are been delivered to.

Re-targeting Ads Management

We re-target online advertisements to consumers that have already engaged with your brand; when they take actions that indicate interest in your product or service like viewing your website or social media pages or adding items to their shopping cart, we ensure to re-target your ads to them. This type of campaign has a greater chance of converting your prospects into sale.

YouTube Advertising

We offer YouTube advertising for your video content on YouTube to reach users who actively spend their time on the YouTube Platform. With YouTube Advertisement, we can reach your target audience when they spend time on the video platform by reaching them based on the channel they watch and spend time on. With this form of advertising, the aim is to achieve your marketing goal.

Display Ads Management

We can help you place display ads in form of text, image or video on third-party websites using Google Display Network, which has a wide reach of internet users worldwide. With this, your audience get to see your content and builds awareness for your brand.

Shopping Ads (E-commerce) Management

We advertise your products for Shopping /E-commerce Ads on Google. With our shopping campaigns, we offer to manage, organize, and optimize your shopping ads, that will best attract your target audience.

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Our Strategy

With RelatesMedia, We help you achieve your business marketing campaign objectives, with our PPC Campaign strategy which comprises of;

Defining your marketing Goals

We develop PPC ads based on what you intend to achieve with your campaign. With goals ranging from increase to your website traffic, generate leads, drive sales, or to raise brand awareness.

Identifying your Target Audience:

We make use of Adwords Audience Targeting to identify relevant keywords that are related to your business as it pertains to the intent of your audience. We also target audiences on Display Network, Youtube and Social Media platforms.

Optimize your landing page

We ensure that the landing page is optimized to create interest with your target audience and get your website visitors to click through, sign up or make a purchase. 

Creating Ads

Ads will be created to show your unique selling proposition and the value you offer. Making use of different copy, visual media and other elements to optimize your ads.

Analyze and optimize PPC Campaign Strategy

We optimize your PPC ads for conversions, and keep track of key metrics like the number of clicks (CTR), cost per click (CPC), cost to acquire one click (CPA), to   evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of the PPC Ads.

To drive traffic for your business