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We are more than a Digital Agency

Relationship Driven

Who We Are

We are your Number 1 Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, for [your Business].

RelatesMedia is a Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos, Nigeria that focuses on relationship centric approach to marketing. We are all about providing long term value of customer relationships.

“Relationship” is our watchword, as we are focused on helping you develop long term relationships with your customers that will lead to customer retention and satisfaction.

We are more than an Agency

We help build connection with your target audience.

At RelatesMedia, our goal is to help you build humanly connections using various marketing channels.

Engaging with your audience is the best form of marketing.

Once we have built connection with your target audience, we would ensure we engage both new and existing audiences using content marketing.

Nothing beats creating the right relationships with your audience.

Beyond sales, we go the extra mile to create the right connections with your target audience with our marketing campaigns.

Our Services

What can We offer your business

Lead Generation

We help you generate the right leads through SEO, PPC, Email marketing or Social media, with the strategy in place that best suits your business needs.


Content Marketing

We help create content in different forms that are suitable for your brand in creating engagement with your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

We can capture your growing audience with our social media marketing strategy on all social media platforms.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

With optimized keywords search, display ads, we can help you make every click count, that will generate the right leads for conversion.


Email Marketing

We help you generate the right leads through SEO, PPC, Email marketing or Social media, with the strategy in place that best suits your business needs.


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What You stand to Gain

We help foster [relationships] between businesses and customers

At RelatesMedia, our goal is not just to drive leads and sales for brands, we also ensure that you drive relationship between your business and customers in order to gain loyalty with your brand.

Build loyalty amongst your customers

Our solutions as a digital marketing agency in Nigeria will provide you with inbound marketing platforms like email marketing campaigns that will nurture prospective and current customers, in building loyalty for your brand.

Address the right audience for your product/service

You get to benefit from our research and buyer persona with respect to your business of whom your target audience should be and how they can be reached.

Increased website traffic

Generating increased traffic to your website, is what you tend to benefit when you partner with us at relatesMedia. Our leads magnet, will be employed to attract relevant leads to your website and help convert for your business.

Brand Awareness

You get to benefit from brand awareness, with our engaging content that will attract your target audience to become familiar with your brand. At RelatesMedia, we help create awareness for your brand that enables your target audience recognize it and stay in memory.

Conversion of leads to sales

It’s the aim of every business to generate sales. The value of building relationships is that it makes it easier to convert leads into sales. As one of the best Email Marketing company in Lagos, Nigeria and with our lead magnets, be assured of constant conversions with call to actions that will generate into sales.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to CONNECT > ENGAGE > RELATE your brand to your target audience.

Target, Reach out and Build Relationships with your customers online with our digital marketing services, that will ultimately get them to make a purchase and more purchases in future.