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Email Marketing

Engage your Target Audience with Email Marketing

If there’s one thing you need to do as a business owner, is to know how to build and grow customer’s loyalty to your brand. You need to build a one-on-one relationship with your customers and leads. One of the most effective digital marketing channels that can help you achieve this is through Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is a proven digital marketing tool that you can use at your disposal to stay on top of the minds of your customers and prospects. It has remained a reliable and effective means to develop customer relationships, strengthen brand awareness, and build loyalty amongst your customers to your brand.


Why Email Marketing?

  • Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing has a lower cost implementation with a high ROI yield.
  • Email Marketing can help your business have direct access to your audience in their mails, where you can get to communicate with them directly.
  • You get to nurture your leads and maintain relationship with them till they eventually convert to making sales with your product or service.
  • With email marketing, your audience can be updated with current information about your product or service.
  • Most importantly, you can get to segment and test your email marketing campaigns and discover what interests your audiences.

Our Email Marketing Services

At RelatesMedia, we provide the relevant email marketing services that are geared towards growing your business through

Email List Building Campaigns that will generate leads for your brand.

Drip Campaigns that will help make your subscribers stay connected to your brand with relevant content that build customer loyalty

Email Nurture Campaigns through Newsletters that will educate your subscribers of your product or service and increase the value of your brand to your growing

Email Marketing Content Strategy that will adapt to your needs and capture your audience’s attention. 

Email Analytics Reporting that tests how effective email campaigns are being optimized to achieve marketing goals.

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Our Strategy

Our  Strategy towards your Email Marketing needs include:

Step 1: Planning the Email Marketing strategy

By defining the marketing goals to be achieved through email marketing, we would develop strategies that best suit your email marketing needs.

Step 2: Collecting Data on the Target Group

Once the objectives have been determined, the email addresses of the target group to be addressed will be generated from social media, website or landing page, with their permission.

Step 3: Setting up Email Marketing database

A database is set up for your subscribers with respect to their names, gender, email addresses in order to segment and personalize their emails accordingly.

Doing so, will enable us to customize the content of the emails to suit accordingly to your subscriber needs.

Step 4: Creating Email Copy with personalized messages

We choose the most appropriate email campaign content for the target group and use this as a guide to create email copy through content marketing. We make the email messages personal to each of your subscribers. Taking note of the appropriate email formats like text, HTML, and lots more.

Step 5: Test and Evaluate Results

We test for the results of the email delivered and undelivered, mails that were opened, the quantity and distribution of link clicks, as well the responses generated by your subscribers.

Why Choose Us?

At RelatesMedia, your top Email Marketing Agency readily makes email marketing services available for you to use in building long lasting relationships with your leads and customers.

We help build Brand advocacy using customer highlights or reviews, using special offers and product promotion that will boost sales.

With our email marketing programs, you can generate a highly committed subscriber base with effective campaign messages and offers that will keep your brand vital and relevant to your audience.

To build your brand loyalty